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Telehealth for Medical Cannabis Prescriptions

The Cannabis Centre and Medicinal Cannabis Educational Hub has launched a new telehealth app to connect patients with doctors across Australia to obtain prescriptions for medical cannabis online.

Are you suffering from a chronic condition? Do you need to find a doctor that can assist you with obtaining a medical cannabis script? Access Australia's largest network of medical cannabis prescribing doctors from the comfort of your own home.

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Fast, Easy and Safe Access to Medical Cannabis Prescriptions

The Cannabis Centre has made it easy and safe for Australian residents to access a prescription for medicinal cannabis through our discreet and secure telehealth app.

You don't need a referral from your GP. Our trained and qualified Doctors are authorised by the Therapeutic Goods Administration to consult with patients and prescribe medical marijuana scripts.

Book your initial consultation today and discover how easy it is to learn more about the medical cannabis products available and which one will be best suited for you.

 To speak with a doctor, the cost is $129 for your first consult, then only $59 for all other repeat consults.

Access Medical Cannabis Scripts in 3-Easy Steps!

Are you considering Medical Marijuana as an option for your Chronic illness? Consult with a Doctor today and find out if you're eligible for a medical cannabis prescription in three easy steps.

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Enter your details by completing your profile in our secure online telehealth app to book and pay for your consultation with a TGA approved prescribing doctor.

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One of our authorised doctors will contact you (within 3-4 business days) to discuss your options. You’ll also receive notifications by SMS every step of the way.

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Doctor will then issue an e-Script for you to obtain from a pharmacy or sends the e-Script direct to our online pharmacy for dispatch & delivery in discreet packaging.


Affordable, Ethical and Safe


The Cannabis Centre Australia offers you a safe, affordable and legal way to access premium medical marijuana products to help you deal with chronic pain and illness. You can easily and securely access a network of medical practitioners and doctors that are authorised to prescribe a range of medical cannabis products to Australian patients.