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Medicinal Cannabis For Pharmacists, Australia

Pharmacists can now dispense all of your Medicinal Cannabis prescriptions across Australia with The Cannabis Centre pharmacy network. Access a range of premium medical cannabis products such as cannabis oil, cannabis flower, cannabis gummies, cannabis capsules and cannabis vape liquid. 

Medicinal Cannabis can only be supplied with a valid prescription and TGA approval. Some Doctors will have Authorised Prescriber status for certain products while others will be required to apply to TGA for each prescription they write.

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The Cannabis Centre Medicinal Cannabis for - Pharmacist - Australia - telehealth app - pre

Dispense Medical Cannabis Products to Patients in Australia

As an Australian pharmacist you can now stock premium medicinal cannabis products to dispense when patients have a prescription from an authorised medical cannabis doctor.

Medicinal cannabis is now available at Australian pharmacies in the wake of growing awareness of its potential benefits, it will be up to pharmacists, in collaboration with other health professionals, to ensure patients receive safe, evidence-based products and advice.

Give Patients Access to Medicinal Cannabis Products

The Cannabis Centre is Australia's leading medicinal cannabis network connecting patients with approved doctors and streamlining prescription dispensing with pharmacists across Australia.

Easily register with The Cannabis Centre and become a pharmacy partner today!

Register Your Interest

If you are a Pharmacist interested in working with The Cannabis Centre, please fill in the form below and our Medical Liaison team will be in contact with you.

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For Patients
Affordable, Ethical and Safe


The Cannabis Centre Australia offers you a safe, affordable and legal way to access premium medical marijuana products to help you deal with chronic pain and illness. You can easily and securely access a network of medical practitoners and doctors that are authorised to prescibe a range of medical cannabis products to Australian patients.

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