Is marijuana better than opioids?

Medical marijuana may offer an alternative solution to opioids. When researchers surveyed nearly 3,000 medical cannabis users in America, the results found 30 percent had used opioids in the last 6 months.

Of those people, 81 percent agreed that marijuana was more effective alone than in combination with opioids. This seems to be the common factor.

In addition, 97 percent said they agreed that they could decrease their opioid usage when taking marijuana. So many studies report the amazing benefits of marijuana use for chronic pain.

Top research shows, it is as effective as opioids, which are among the most popular pain-relieving medicines. Side effects of marijuana use are usually non existent , especially in comparison with opioid side effects. However, most marijuana-based therapies are becoming more popular amongst doctors across the world as the results are overwhelming in favour of this alternative treatment. Most evidence indicates that marijuana may be beneficial for chronic pain relief. If you are considering this alternative treatment I can say personally that I will never use opioids ever again for my chronic back pain. I use CBD everyday and THC dominant flower that I vape usually at night, this has changed my life as I can now be more active with my kids. When I was on heavy opioids I felt like a deadbeat loser on the sofa, that caused more depression and pain. Marijuana changed my life in so many positive ways. Is it right for you? speak with a cannabis specialist doctor as I found my family doctor did not want to prescribe me, however was more then happy to prescribe opioids so I found another doctor that truly cared for my wellbeing. Marijuana use can cause some side effects, including:

  • dependence

  • breathing problems

  • dizziness

  • addiction, which occurs in 9 percent of people who begin use in adulthood

  • impaired reaction times

  • interactions with medication

  • loss of concentration

  • memory issues

  • mental health issues in those predisposed to them

  • rapid heart rate

I can admit that I have never experienced any of these side effects, however everyone is different, I always dose low and go slow until I find the right amount for me.


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